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Massachusetts Notary Public - MA
Judgment Recovery Specialists

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  "In God We Trust, All Others We Verify"

Massachusetts Private Investigator

Employed as a member of the loss prevention team, "Store Detective", in various department stores: Ames, Bradlees, Caldors, H&M, JCPenny, Kmart, Pinkerton, Spags, Stop & Shop, and Walmart, my main role was to prevent and detect theft (commonly known as shoplifting), and reduce shrink in retail outlets, by patrolling the store in plain clothes looking to identify members of the public who are stealing from the store, and randomly monitoring employees, as they handled cash and merchandise. While still employed in retail, I was also a Special Police Officer and a Correctional Officer, both in Hampden County (Springfield). 

                            POSITIONS HELD - CERTIFICATIONS 

                                   Massachusetts Private Investigator  

                        Notary Public - commission expires Apr. 8, 2022  

                               MA Clergy Registered Ordained Minister  

                                    Paraprofessional - HIGH NEEDS

                                          Behavioral Interventionist

                                           Senior In-Store Detective  

                                      Loss Prevention Dept. Manager  

                                            Senior Store Detective  

                                            Loss Control Detective 

                                              Internal Investigator  

                                         Corporate Security Officer  

                                         Security Guard Supervisor  

                                                  Lead Investigator  

                                                  Fraud Investigator  

                                Hampden County Correctional Officer  

                                      Springfield Special Police Officer  

                            Stratford Career Institute - Washington, DC  

                           Wicklander / Zulawski - Certified Interviewer  

                                                Certified Email Tracer  

                                 Certified Missing Persons Investigator  

                                   Certified Identity Theft Investigator   

                                       Certified Accident Investigator  

                                     Certified Surveillance Investigator 

 Certified Pre-employment Screening / Background Investigation  Specialist

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