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Paper-City Judgment Recovery is an entity of Rollie McCarter Investigative Services, dedicated to the enforcement of Massachusetts Judicial Judgments and United States Civil Judgments. We purchase your Massachusetts Judicial Judgment, in its entirety, usually on a 'future pay' basis, without application fees or up-front costs of any kind. We DO NOT purchase other US states judgments, but can assist in the location of your debtor and their assets. In Massachusetts, we advance all the costs and expenses incurred in locating the judgment debtor and enforcing the judgment. We make our money only from the judgment debtor, at no direct cost to you. 

The fact is - almost 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Your judgment may have been awarded by the court, but enforcement is your responsibility. Paper-City Judgment Recovery can succeed when you can't! We have the resources, expertise, and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get. We will uncover any assets or sources of income, and take whatever steps are necessary to legally seize them!

Adoption Searches (Locates)

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Adoptee and Birthparent Searches have been very successful in reuniting birth families in Massachusetts and all over the United States. Whether you have limited or virtually no information surrounding the adoption, WE CAN HELP!  Because our firm specializes in adoption research, we are very sensitive to the emotional issues surrounding triad members (Adoptees, Birth Family, and Adoptive Family.) Our goal is to uphold the highest moral standards by considering the wishes of all involved.

REMEMBER:  We are as successful as the initial information you provide.

A due diligence investigation is often a pre-transaction or pre-employment research project that seeks to uncover details of all relationships to a particular entity: a company's management, finances, performance, mission, aims, suppliers, clients, industry and any other details that may affect how a company does business. In the case of an individual, the aim is to reveal personal and familiar relationships, employment history, criminal and driving records. A due diligence investigation is usually vital prior to a merger or acquisition, because it seeks to uncover any hidden liabilities or exposures. Often such investigations giove peace of mind that there will be no unpleasant future surprises.

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