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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening / Roommate Screening

Tenant Screening, Roommate Screening, Domestic Partner Screening, Credit Check, Eviction History, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments, Past Address History, Sex Offender Search, Known Aliases, Criminal Record Search, Bankruptcies 

Rollie McCarter Investigative Services can help you select prompt paying, desirable Tenants or Roommates, who do not have a history of evictions or midnight moves. Our Tenant and Roommate Background Checks are an excellent indicator of the prospective Tenants or Roommates ability and dedication to paying their bills in a timely manner. 


Our Tenant / Roommate Screening Service is 100% FREE, for Landlords, Property Managers, and Leasing Agents. YES, absolutely FREE. The applicant pays for the screening process, which includes: Credit Report, Sex Offender Search, Eviction History, and Employment Verification. Applicant(s) will be provided a simple application to be completed, along with a written consent to conduct the screening. Applicants then pay online through our secure payment gateway, with a credit or debit card.   

$35 - Know A Little
$50 - Know A Lot 
$65 - Know It All 

No obligation / No cost to try / No hassles

Certified Surveillance Investigator

Cheating Spouse, Missing Persons, Covert, Child Abuse, Elderly Abuse

Workers Compensation, Overt, Vandalism, Recurrent Theft, Employee Theft, CCTV, Nanny Cams, Pinhole Cameras    


Private Investigators are licensed by the state to gather information and engage in surveillance. Private Investigators understand what is permitted under state law. If the potential for legal proceedings exists (e.g., divorce, child custody, alimony, etc.), hiring a Private Investigator can help minimize your risk. Many people have obtained useful information about a spouse on their own, but were unable to use the information because of how it was obtained. Not only does hiring a Private Investigator help minimize the risk of information being thrown out during legal procedures, but in most cases PI's are allowed to testify on your behalf. And if negative information about your spouse is going to come out, it is usually beneficial to have a third party present the information - it will seem less biased and more credible.

Private Investigators are also better at collecting information because of their training, experience, and their lack of emotional involvement. Many people who try to catch a cheating spouse on their own, have a difficult time knowing what to look for or they become too upset while the process unfolds. Rollie McCarter Investigative Services has heard from many people who have wasted months of their time trying to figure out if their spouse is cheating, but were unable to do so because they lack the investigative skills and tools which are needed. And people also tend to become too emotionally volatile when investigating their own spouse. People have a difficult time NOT confronting their spouse before they discover the full extent of the betrayal that occurred. Private Investigators simply have the added advantage of knowing how to investigate a spouse in a more objective manner. 

Certified Email Tracer

Email Tracing, IP Tracing, Screen Names,  Facebook Investigations, Domain Names, Ebay Fraud, Internet Investigations, Internet Profiling &  Online Activity Checks, Cyber Stalkers, Spammers, Scammers, 

In today's world of technology, text/email has quickly overtaken the printed letter as our primary source of communication in our business and personal lives. However, as with most things technology related, such convenience usually comes with its hazards. While most people use text/email for its intended purpose, others use this medium for a completely different goal ... Anonymous Threats, Internet Auction fraud, Unsolicited Commercial Messages, Blackmail and even Ransom Notes are sent via email every day! Rollie McCarter Investigative Services - specializes in the investigation of these types of activities, in particular, the tracing of email addresses to the actual name and address of the owner of the Email Address or Screen Name, as well as the exact location of where an email originated from. 

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