Paper-City Judgment Recovery  
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Judgment Recovery

 Rollie McCarter Investigative Services

  "In God We Trust, All Others We Verify"


Our philosophy is simple - treat the client like  gold, give them great investigative services and they will be your  client for life. To do this, we place an extreme  emphasis on maintaining regular communication  with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their  expectations and that we are aware of any changes  that may occur related to their business/personal needs. At Rollie McCarter Investigative Services, we see our relationship as a business/personal partnership, and we take our responsibility seriously as your information provider. 


 **Committed to providing our clients with objective risk and research management. Our advice is motivated by one concern alone – the best cost reduction solution of our clients. Our service partners and professional investigators are skilled, knowledgeable advisers, and are respected for their experience and ability to strategically apply their expertise to each client’s individual circumstances.

**Committed to our clients. We have a comprehensive array of private investigation and risk management services through the resources from our professional partners. These services are coordinated and tailored to fit each client’s individual circumstances and requirements. 

**Committed to providing our clients with fair and fully disclosed fees. Our fees are based on the specific circumstance, situation we manage, and services provided for each individual need.


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